Margarida Monteiro

Somewhere in your memories is what scares you the most, but there's also the best of you...

Founder of the REHC® Mind Physiotherapy Methodology

With the aim of treating and helping people to “focus” on themselves, and to find their way to feel good about themselves, Margarida created an integrative psychotherapy methodology, which she called REHC – Human Emotional Reprogramming.

She divides her time between their clinics in Porto and Algarve. Margarida also provides Training, Workshops and Lectures, for Companies and the Public.
Specialist in Emotional Intelligence, Author of the book, “Búfalo Branco – My Spiritual Guide for You”, she is a researcher in the areas of neurosciences / pseudoscience’s.

I have my senses active (sensory perception) and respect my authenticity, I live focused on FEELING. I connect in a deep relationship with myself, recognizing the vibrational multi-frequencies of which I am a part  using them as a source of knowledge for my professional activity.