Areas of intervention of the REHC® Process

In the disinflammation of the organism, functional and structural imbalances of the various systems; Musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory and digestive;

In revitalizing the client, in relieving pain symptoms and dysfunction;

In emotional, mental and spiritual health.

How does it work?

On the first stages of the program, we determine where traumas, blockages and fears are, as well as identify the source of pain, since their mother’s womb until the present date. We start receiving information in our brain from the moment we are conceived, through all our senses. Some of this information is the cause of trauma, conscious or unconscious, which may affect daily life and stops achieving personal and professional success.

  • On the first treatment session, we start preparing the client for the main intervention, by redefining their aims and goals and clarifying what will be targeted.
  • The second appointment is for the reprogramming, this acts like a surgery to the emotions and cells. It’s done through conscious hypnosis where we go through the client’s traumas and eliminate their pain. This means that the client will be free of traumatic experiences that affect thoughts and behaviour.
  • On the third session, we explain in detail what went on the reprogramming intervention so the client can gain a better understanding of the course of the hypnosis and beginning the strategic plan, with the goals to be achieved and the aim to achieve it and to cement what we believe is the main need, family. Afterwards we reorganise the central nervous system.
  • The remaining sessions are to develop and adjust the aims and work on any new development that may arise from the reprogramming.

The goal is to adjust their focus to keep working on their aims to maintain a good emotional, psychological and physical health.

(Ancestral Medicine practices and Emotional Intelligence tools are used, as well as, treatments to Balance the Vital Energy Balance and Relaxation of the Central Nervous System (physical and emotional).

What to expect after going through REHC®

  • Too meet their best version
  • Stability
  • Confidence
  • Awareness of what wanting to do and how to do it
  • Freedom


Emotional distress
Physical distress
Burnout syndrome
Phobias and Fears
Mental block
Excessive tiredness
Emotional support in serious illnesses
Gender identity sexual orientation

Development Programs

Professional Talent

The professional talent development program teaches management practices in emotional intelligence and safety, to develop your greatest professional skills, in order to reach and exceed your goals and expectations.

Personal Talent

The REHC Personal Talent development program teaches emotional management and safety practices, so that you can discover your greatest aptitude (your intrinsic knowledge).

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