Búfalo Branco

O meu guia espiritual para ti.

This book is my message, my guide for you, in which I propose a journey to the center of your essence, because only through it can you find and feel Happiness.
It is in Spirituality that simplicity and the art of knowing how to live, live happily.

What is, in my opinion, a Spiritual Being?

It's having the ability to find the best in me.

Because when I find the best of myself, I am at peace with myself!

This is where everything happens, the world is perfect, we come to accept and understand a freedom that until then was mortgaged to the “gods” and to everything that surrounds us.

To be spiritual is to stay in Freedom and bring out the best in each one of us, connected to the Cosmos.

To be spiritual is to respect the life that is built day by day, without remaining captive to something or someone.

This book is a simple guide, with practical exercises, to accompany and guide you in your day-to-day life.

I will teach you how to awaken through small exercises, carried out at your own pace, for your Spiritual development, essential to understanding the management of your Emotional Intelligence.

We are all intelligent and emotional Human Beings, so it is our duty to learn to know ourselves for our proper functioning. That is, to understand what we feel, what reality we are in, who we are with and what state of mind we are in, because only then can we have a direct action in our life and reach our essence: our fingerprint, because we are unique beings!

The happiness of knowing how to be and knowing how to be.

When you finish reading this book, my mission with you is accomplished.

You will be able to build your happiness in your day-to-day life, you will be able to answer your biggest questions:

Who am I?

Where am I and what do I need?

Somewhere in your memories is what scares you the most, but also the best of you. It's only up to you to change what's bad for you and it's precisely in what's worst happened to you that your strength lies.

My mission with this book?

Discipline yourself and become aware of who you are, connecting you to the Cosmos.


Energetic Reprogramming (connection to the Cosmos)

What does it consist of?

Rebalance yourself energetically, unblock yourself emotionally and connect you to the Cosmos, so that you can be a free and happy person.